John Dalton Further Emergence

Understandable Caution

If you are cautious I understand.
Particularly if you haven’t had a personal recommendation from someone who has had one to one sessions with me.
I would be too.
Luckily for both of us, there is more at work here than surface connection.

If you are in a process of Further Emergence something will have drawn you to my work, something deeper.

For my part, I only want to work with people who are in Further Emergence. From experience, people who are in Further Emergence hear something in my work and are drawn to it and are moved to act.


Payment for one to one sessions is at your discretion.
There is no charge upfront.
You can have a one to one session with me and if at the end of the session you feel like it is not for you there is no charge you have to pay.

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