When I first came to John, some 20-odd sessions ago, I had endured 4 years of “Multiple Chemical Senitivity,” that is severe allergic responses to all chemical substances. So much so that leaving the house was hazardous.

Neither doctors nor consultants had any answers. Morale and motivation was rock-bottom and I had reached the end of my tether.

John has decades of practice behind him and was immediately confident he could improve my situation. I found this reassurance very comforting and after just a few sessions my spirits had lifted considerably and I was able to take on more.

Now, after several months of treatment, I find my symptoms have improved by over 50% and I’m living a largely productive and care-free life again.

John is a treasure,  one of those rare healers who is dedicated to his craft, can intuitively feel into the energy blockages in your being and release them and raise your spirits and health levels with quiet confidence and assurance.

I’m very grateful to him for turning my life around and I continue to conduct weekly sessions.

Eamonn O’Donoghue.

Emma Julaud

I was recently given the image of a buoy floating on the surface of the water, representing life and its tumultuous movements, attached to an anchor, a metaphor for the practice of meditation.

John is a bit of an anchor for me.

I remember contacting him around 2010 for the first time when I reoriented myself towards CranioSacral therapy and the development of a holistic healthcare practice.

His perspective is something I regularly go back to because it keeps me grounded and helps me grow.

There is something different, refreshing, and bold about his outlook, and in my experience, it is communicated with the utmost respect and with deep attunement.

I am grateful for his presence and insights over the years that have contributed significantly to the therapist I am today.

Emma Julaud