switching over to spiritual power

Switching over to Spiritual Power

The current external focus of finding new forms of energy is an echo of a deeper realisation that our current way of doing things is no longer working for us.

Transitioning from Force to Power

Power comes from the mystery and percolates forward into existence.
Force is rearranging things in existence. 
Force is what happens in front of the scenes.
Power is what happens behind the scenes. 

The deeper I have gone in my spiritual life the more I have transitioned from the use of force to the use of power or more accurately the moving with power – the same way a surfer moves with the power of the ocean.

Force is willful and, followed to its conclusion, always ends in violence.
Power, on the other hand, begins and ends in love. 

The Difference is Internal

On the surface using force and moving with power can look identical. You could be doing exactly the same thing but internally the difference is quantums apart.

If you are fighting against something, be it global corporatization, corruption, or poverty, you are using force. 
If you are fighting for something like rights, whether men’s, women’s, animal’s, children’s, trees, or wetlands, you are using force.

You are using force because you are fighting. Force pushes and the reaction is to push back.

In power, there is no duality. There is no right or wrong. Compared to force, power looks passive. This is deceptive because moving with power requires intense prolonged attention.

The use of force requires a short burst of attention followed by prolonged activity based on that short burst of attention. 
“They are the enemy. We are going to war.” 
From that point on there is no need to continually review the decision. All efforts are focused on using force to win the war.

Moving with power, on the other hand, requires deep humility and very attentive moment-to-moment attunement to the movement of power so you can be with it in each moment.

Burning Bridges

We need to transition from force to power now more than ever to deal with what the Metacrisis folk call Moloch – the collective ignorance we have relinquished control to and are now at a loss to know how to stop.

We are afraid of the wrong AI. We thought it was the Artificial Intelligence of the future. The Matrix \ Terminator bogeymen AI. 

Instead, the AI that is destroying us now is Artificial Ignorance, which began centuries ago with our unwillingness to deal with our unconsciousness. 
“I will deal with that later.
I will cross that bridge when I get to it.
I want my dividends now, I will deal with the consequences later.
I want to travel, I will deal with the consequences later.

I want fast fashion, I will deal with the consequences later.
I want beef, I will deal with the consequences later.
I want plastic, everything! I will deal with the consequences later.
I will cross that bridge when I get to it.” 
Now all our bridges have come together.
They are lined up across a sea of lava and are all on fire 
or at least seem to be.

The Artificial Ignorance that is destroying us is a conglomeration of collective unconsciousness.
There is no global solution to it. 
It has to be done individually. 
That means you and me.
It is an internal process we have to engage in.
No one will save you but you.

See force for what it is and let it go.
Find power and let it teach you how to move with it.





Photo by Charanjeet Dhiman on Unsplash


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