Space for the Mystery

Space for the Mystery

What is the mystery?

There comes a point in consciousness beyond which there are no words or concepts or images to speak of.
I call it the mystery because I have no other word for it.
It is profound to the core yet as ordinary as bedtime.

Deep Dreamless Sleep

We all naturally go to the mystery every night in deep dreamless sleep.
We get into bed. 
We close our eyes.
Our thoughts of the day begin to drift as we slip into the dream world.
Our car can fly. We can leap tall buildings. We can pass through walls.
Towards the bottom of the dream world, our dreams become extreme as we transition into the psychic world.

As we pass through the psychic world, 
we can have premonitions, we can meet loved ones who have passed, 
we can encounter fairies and demons.

And then we drop out the bottom of the psychic world into deep dreamless sleep.
Where there is nothing to speak of.
Everything we hold most dear is gone.
No house,
no car, 
no loved ones, 
no world,
no body, 
no personality, 
no memories, 
no heartache,
no trauma, 
no us as we know ourselves.

Describing deep dreamless sleep is similar to describing death or one possibility for what death might be like.
You would think that would make us apprehensive about sleep 
yet we run to it.
We can’t wait to go to bed.
We can’t wait to go to sleep.
Which is another way of saying we can’t wait to not exist.


Because wherever it is we go in deep dreamless sleep, when we return from it we are refreshed. 
Somewhere a deep part of us knows that where we go in deep dreamless sleep is good. 
Where we go in deep dreamless sleep is the mystery.


Going to the Mystery in sleep is a natural process and happens without conscious direction on our part.
In meditation, we go to the mystery but we do it consciously
It is like going into deep dreamless sleep while being wide awake.

Space for the Mystery

I enter the mystery with no agenda yet the mystery informs me. 

It is the most efficient way I know of assisting in, and accelerating, the process of transforming unconsciousness into consciousness.

There are two parts to the process.
One is going to the mystery for the love of the mystery,
and the second is being informed by the mystery.

Space for the mystery is a dynamic weekly space for consciously experiencing and being informed by the mystery.

It is a continuation of the meditation, and navigating the psychic world training.

Each week we consciously go into the mystery. Bringing it forward in our day to day lives. 

Each session is dynamic and responsive to the people on the call including me and the mystery itself which is not a static state but a vibrant ever changing field of stillness.

This goes beyond meditation to connect with the core of your being.


When does Space for the Mystery happen?

On Mondays.
To help people in different time zones participate in the live zoom call there are two sessions each Monday. Once in my morning and again in my evening. No matter what time zone you are in you will be able to participate in the live Zoom call. If you can participate in both, even better.

The first session is at 10 am Irish time and the second session is at 9 pm Irish time.

What happens during the Space for the Mystery sessions?

Space for the Mystery is live zoom call.
It is a dynamic response to the mystery as it expresses itself in the moment and the participants in the space.
I facilitate and hold the energy of the space and in that space, we are trained by the mystery.

Each session is different, some of the elements include questions and answers meditation, and reflection.

How long are the sessions?

Anything from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. It depends on the group and how the mystery expresses itself in that session.

Will it help me to become more conscious?


Will it help me to get enlightened?


How much does it cost?

€39 per month.

Why is it a monthly fee and not session by session?

I currently don’t have the resources to manage individual session payments. Also, Space for the Mystery is a long-term commitment to your growth in consciousness.

Do I have to do the Meditation for Growth in Consciousness and Navigating the Psychic World trainings first?

No. It helps but is not a requirement.

To join the next Space for the Mystery click the button below. When you make payment you will receive an email with the zoom link to the current months Space for the Mystery. If you don’t receive the email within 24hrs please get in touch.





Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash


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