Ep 84 – Carl Jung and Enlightenment

Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Ep 84 – Carl Jung and Enlightenment

In this episode, we have –

~ A question about Carl Jung and enlightenment
And we also go into
~ Obsession
~ Aging well
~ Connection
~ Avoiding Holy Men
~ Making time for Wellness
~ Mental Health
~ Thinking
~ Negativity
~ Choosing yourself
~ Connection
~ Curating your life
~ The Full Moon


2 responses to “Ep 84 – Carl Jung and Enlightenment”

  1. Hi John

    Making time for wellness or spending time with illness, may have been my last 2 weeks but as I’m not a doctor I don’t know if appendicitis is one you can plan around. Somewhat urgent and awful. More so the disturbing hospital time. Hospitals have lost their souls and meds and pill taking overwhelm all
    Grateful to be home and healing quickly.

    Happy Birthday to you from a few weeks back.

    Thank you for the cheerful wave from Ireland.

    Much Love and kindness


    1. Thank you Linda.
      I am sorry to hear you were unwell.

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