Mind Thoughts on the Loose - Further Emergence podcast with John Dalton

Ep 57 – Mind Thoughts on the Loose.

Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Ep 57 – Mind Thoughts on the Loose.

In this episode we explore –

* Possibilities,
* Being loved,
* Meaning,
* Perseverance,
* The mind,
* Desire.

Question –

“Hello John,
I would love to know more about our mind, 
a psychologist friend I used to work with,
described it as a 5 year old child. 

I would like to hear your perspective on our mind, its role, our mind and meditation and any other insights about our mind you can share with us. 

When you talk about (in your experience) there are many parts of us.
Is your mind one part or do the parts have their own mind?

Thank you always for sharing your wisdom, insights, experiences, and kindness with us.

In kindness

In response to the question I post on Instagram

“What is the biggest challenge you are facing in your spiritual life at the moment?”

A balance between needs and desires
Desires like sex, food
( for example meat or something which exploits nature but tastes good),
and travel ( using means and resources that cause harm to the environment ).
Desires to accumulate materialistic things.
Living in a world where needs merge with all those desires ever so smoothly, it is hard to choose which desires I want to reach for and when to say all my needs are met.
I don’t know if it sounds clear enough or not, but it’s kind of foggy in my head as well. Therefore even the definition of spirituality that suits my understanding is not 100% clear. There is a constant inner debate going on.
What about you John?
Do you see any obstacles in your spiritual journey?
It would be great if you could talk in one of your episodes, about what spirituality is in your view or how to find a path to your spiritual journey.”


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