Multiverse Flow episode of the Further Emergence podcast with John Dalton

Ep 47 – Multiverse Flow

Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Ep 47 – Multiverse Flow

Questions –

“Hi John, I’m really enjoying your further emergence of podcasts again.
Re-visiting some old ones, ingesting the new ones. 
You’re always very encouraging about getting in touch with you and giving feedback- and I’m grateful for that. It’s like having a friend at the end of the line

What’s intriguing lately, I’m fascinated by this idea of flow, and how, for some people who seem to be immersed in the flow, life unfolds for them with what seems great ease.
And for others, life seems like a great slog slog slog.
I suspect it’s all about one’s own reactions – But I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. 
I’m putting it out there in case a wonderful podcast emerges from such a fascinating topic.

Thank you.
All the best, Alyssa”

“I’d like to hear about multiverse.
Did you experience it in your inner space?
Also, we talked about manifestation in the last retreat.. I was thinking that maybe it works diferent for diferent people? 

I’ve found that I’m a little like Winnie the Pooh, I’m often distracted with something else (something nice) and manifestation shows up like a surprise gift from life.
But most people refer to manifestation like it’s something that respond to a more specific desire, isn’t it?” 

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