stopping the momentum episode Further Emergence podcast with John Dalton

Ep 44 – Stopping the Momentum of the Mind

Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Ep 44 – Stopping the Momentum of the Mind

Questions –

“Hi John,
Why and how did you choose yoga, John?

How was it helping in your process and how necessary a regular activity or moving your body is for enlightenment?”

“Hello John, 
I have become conscious of how much time I spend with my cellphone and I am begining to try some strategies to reduce it and control it, because I can get hooked. 
When I reflected on it the word “evasion” came to mind. Like if I am avoiding myself or avoiding some other activities that I would feel better or have more benefits in the long term. 
The word addiction may be too strong for what I mentioned before because none of these evasions interferes with my daily life, and nothing happens to me if I forget my phone or the power goes off and I can’t see TV. 
But because it may be related to an addictive impulse I wrote “addiction” are addictions evasions?”

“Hello John,
my question is about resilience.
Earlier this year I started doing a program which helped with memory.
They talked about building resilience by doing different activities, two that come to mind are using your opposite hand to brush your teeth, the other was only using cold water the last few minutes of your shower. Is building resilience something we could explore as long as the activity comes up from inside of you, like if yoga resonate with you. 
Thank you.”

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