Dealing with Shyness episode Further Emergence podcast with John Dalton

Ep 41 – Dealing with Shyness

Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Ep 41 – Dealing with Shyness

Questions and comments-
“What do you think would happen if we knew “our question,” would we not want to keep watching the movie of our lives?”

Macarena Asensio in Barcelona
“I was thinking about the fact that we can’t see our backs, and how it was the same as how we can’t see our own blind spots…
But others can!
And you could be walking on the street and your backpack is open, and you didn’t notice,
but someone might warn you…
And I thought that maybe that’s why we live in communities,
and that we could be more aware of our blind spots
or come closer to a hidden question if we are willing to be receptive
and listen to other people and the world around us.”

“I skipped doing meditation because I was feeling resistant..
Like when you’ve been going to the gym for a while and one day you don’t want to go,
but you know that you’ll probably feel good
or even better if you go
Do you know what I mean?”

Do you think shyness is part of our unconsciousness? I think it is but I’d like to hear your point of view.
When I want to speak in public my voice trembles.
It can calm down and I can feel ok when I connect with the thing that I’m saying and forget the rest.”

Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash


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