Ep 11 – Money

Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton
Ep 11 - Money

Fri 19th March 2021 Further Emergence Zoom Group

0:02:55 The time of the Guru / Spiritual teacher is over.
0:06:20 Question about money.
0:09:44 Getting lost in multilevel marketing.
0:13:35 Listening to life.
0:16:09 Letting go of money fears.
0:17:54  Bitcoin story.
0:19:15 The Winnie the Pooh method of finding things.
0:23:30 Being self employed.
0:24:30 Not taking money seriously.
0:27:09 Livelihood.
0:36:15 “You will always have a roof over your head…”
0:37:11 Expensive money.
0:38:16 The millionaire moment.
0:42:10 Debt.
0:44:52 Barry Long and my new car.
0:48:09 A question of worth.
0:52:03 Spiritual bypass.

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Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

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