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  • Ep 42 – Goal Setting for Mystics

    Ep 42 – Goal Setting for Mystics

    Questions – “I wanted to ask a question regarding something you mentioned in your book about putting restrictions and limitations on ourselves.Why do we do that?And what’s the point of it if really all we want is to be free?Why not just stay free as a child into adulthood and the rest of our lives?” […]

  • Ep 41 – Dealing with Shyness

    Ep 41 – Dealing with Shyness

    Questions and comments- “What do you think would happen if we knew “our question,” would we not want to keep watching the movie of our lives?” Macarena Asensio in Barcelona“I was thinking about the fact that we can’t see our backs, and how it was the same as how we can’t see our own blind…

  • Ep 40 – Food for the Soul

    Ep 40 – Food for the Soul

    Questions –“Can you talk  about diet, food, and consciousness?” “What is the Soul, Spirit & Consciousness?What is the difference between them all?” Photo by Henley Design Studio on Unsplash

  • Ep 39 – The Question of Your Life

    Ep 39 – The Question of Your Life

    Questions – “In the last episode you mentioned, “the question.” Could you explain more what is it and how is it related to our unconsciousness? Maybe give some examples of different cases you’ve observed?” “When you exhale, do you push your belly in to get all the air out?” Photo by Zachary Delorenzo on Unsplash

  • Ep 38 – The Afterlife

    Ep 38 – The Afterlife

    Questions –“November 1st is “All saints day” here..people eat special foods, some go to the cemetery and me and a friend are organizing a Mexican altar at home: everyone will bring something of their loved one that passed away, and will share their memories,it’s supposed to be a moving but also fun and kind of…

  • Ep 37 – Dealing with Jealousy

    Ep 37 – Dealing with Jealousy

    Question – “A few weeks ago I felt jealous. I’ve always said that “I’m not a jealous person,” but later in life I realized that some things can be a trigger for me.  It could be that a colleague that has my same background and age is getting more opportunities and moving faster in his career.  Or…

  • Ep 36 – Is Telepathy Real?

    Ep 36 – Is Telepathy Real?

    Questions – “I don’t know if I need a context for the meme, ‘You don’t get what you want you get who you are,’ because… Imagining that someone is getting some (shit emoji) from life(as it could happen from time to time)couldn’t this belief make them feel guilty and like they themselves are (shit emoji)? Looking…

  • Ep 35 – Spiritual Teachings

    Ep 35 – Spiritual Teachings

    Questions – “Why do we have unconsciousness in the first place? We seem to be the only beings in nature that have it. Is this a cosmic joke or what?” “Have you done this exercise where you track your line of thoughts until the first one? Can you talk about it?”  “Why did you choose…

  • Ep 34 – Divine Proximity

    Ep 34 – Divine Proximity

    Question –“How do you prepare yourself to record the podcast? Do you write before, does it comes to your mind while talking?” “After you first sensed that there was something greater than you that you loved and it loved you back… can I ask (if this is not too personal) how did this relationship evolve…

  • Ep 33 – The Cosmic Joke

    Ep 33 – The Cosmic Joke

    Question –“You mentioned the cosmic joke a few times. Can you explain what that means to you? Thanks!” Photo by Nicolas I. on Unsplash