One to One Sessions


Further Emergence can be a confusing and frightening process. The disorientation can be extreme. While the overall process is the same for everyone, the specifics are different for each person.

One to one sessions focus on the specifics of your process, your personal story, and how it is unfolding. 

You get specific feedback about your current situation and also behind the scenes help at a profound level.

There are three parts to one to one sessions. 

Talking and Feedback

This is where you frame your specific situation and get direct empathic feedback. Your mind and personality get a better understanding of what is happening.

Behind The Scenes Work.

This is a form of meditation where you lie down and I connect with you behind existence.
Quantum physics describes this connection as quantum entanglement.

Regardless of where you are in the world, I meet you at a profound level and we work together to help your system with the growth process it is engaged in. These changes ripple up into your mind and body during and after the session. 

This kind of work is beyond psychology or bodywork. Your mind and personality are not involved so much in this part of the process. You are aware but not controlling the process.


The last part of the session is where we integrate what has passed in the session. Your mind and personality get a chance to verbalise what happened in the behind the scenes work, how your system feels different, and set the focus for the coming week. 

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