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Below is an extract from my forthcoming meditation manual which is called, “Sit Still and Don’t Fidget!”

“There are lots of reasons why people want to meditate, physical reasons like,
“I need to find some way to reduce my stress, which is to say I need to find some way to stop worrying,”
spiritual reasons like
“I want to become enlightened and I hear this is a good way to do it,” or curiosity,
“Lot’s of people say meditation is THE thing to do,”
or performance,
“I keep reading that meditation improves clarity of thought and productivity,”
or to boost creativity,
“I want to improve my intuition.” 
These are some of the reasons I have encountered.

For myself, I love meditation because it gives me direct access to who I am on the inside. 
Who I am is covered by many layers of thought and emotion. 
As I go through life it is very easy to spend all my waking hours reacting from these layers of thought and emotion making it very difficult for me to be truly authentic.

Internally it can be like a continually changing weather system. 
I read something online I disagree with and so an anger front rolls in. 
While it’s forming I see an advertisement for a new comedy movie and I identify with the main actor, so a front of, “I’m a funny guy too,” rolls in to meet the angry front. 
While this is happening my friend asks me to do something I don’t really want to do but feel I should, which throws a whole other set of currents into my internal weather system.
And all that in the space of five minutes!

This torrent of thoughts and emotions make it very hard to see what is me and what is reaction,
what is me and what is projection,
what is me and what is defense,
what is me and what is an unresolved trauma from my past.

The main and most valued gift meditation has given me is glimpses of who I am below the weather system.
It has given me a way of checking in with who I am on a moment to moment basis. 
It helps me to see in any given situation what course of action or response is really me.”

I meditate throughout the day so when the first lockdowns arrived, at the beginning of 2020, I began livestreaming a meditation everyday. Below are some of those meditations where I explain how I meditate for the benefit of people who are new to meditation. Towards the end of the page there are some videos where I answer questions about meditation.
Meditation is an integral part of the monthly retreats I host.

Meditation Questions


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  1. Macarena Avatar

    Thank you! I liked the part: “what is me and what is …”
    It made me think that one way of getting closer to “what am I?” could be realizing what I’m not ✨

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