Manifestation for Muggles

Manifestation for Muggles

‘The Secret,’ it turned out, is that I was terrible at manifestation. 

You too? 
Well I have been slogging away at it for years so read on to find out what I have figured out so far.

Mind Control

I did The Silva Method of Mind Control training back in the mid-80s. It was the first time I came across the idea that we could change our reality with our minds. I had very good results with the telepathy and healing sections of the training, but when I couldn’t move an ashtray with my mind I thought the whole thing was kind of rubbish.

Mine is not a unique story. We all hear about manifestation. Something deep inside us responds when we are told that we can have anything we want. All we have to do is see it clearly enough and want it badly enough.
We give it a try and when it doesn’t work we feel powerless. Not liking that feeling we conclude the whole thing is hokum.

What we don’t realise is that what we are feeling powerless about are the built-in safety measures of existence. 


Think of a pink elephant. Easy, right?
Imagine if all you had to do to manifest a pink elephant was just think of it. The world would be full of pink elephants pretty quickly, no?
Don’t think of a pink elephant. 
Not so easy, right?

The built-in safety mechanisms of existence are there to stop tigers appearing whenever we think of tigers and more importantly, they are there to stop our loved ones being killed in plane crashes when our loved ones are mid-flight and we get a little bit anxious and think about them being killed in a plane crash.

But we don’t know this so when the manifestation thing doesn’t work out, and we feel powerless, we revert back to relating to existence/God/the universe/fill-in-the-blank, like a parent and that’s not great.

The Parent Trap

Being a parent is a very difficult job that never really gets the credit it deserves, mainly because parents are, well . . . humans and all humans have unconsciousness and our parents’ unconsciousness obscures a lot of the good work they do. So we all had terrible parents and we all are terrible parents and we all are wonderful parents and we all had wonderful parents.

All this is to say that our relationship with our parents is usually complicated. When we start relating to existence/God/the universe etc., as a parent we transfer all our parent baggage onto the process. 

We start asking for things, then begging, then feeling like we are unworthy when we don’t get the things we ask for, or that we are being taught “lessons,” or being, “punished,” and so on and so on.
All of which is taking the process way too personally.

Who Are We Asking?

Consider the firmicute.  
The what?
The firmicute, one of the many friendly bacteria in our digestive system. The firmicute is part of a much bigger thing – you and me. 

I am going to make an assumption here about the consciousness of the firmicute and say that the firmicute only knows about being a firmicute. It can only relate to the bigger whole of which it is a part – you and me – from within the limited perspective of its experience. 

The firmicute wouldn’t be able to comprehend the complicated things we deal with like smartphones, or quantitative easing, or air travel. 

At best all the firmicute could be conscious of is that it is a part of a bigger whole – you and me. It might have a sense that if it is the best firmicute it can be, it is making the best contribution to the whole it can make, but beyond that no real comprehension of what goes on for you and me.

For me, it is kind of the same. I know I am part of a bigger thing and in the knowing of that, I recognise that I can’t comprehend the bigger thing that I am part of.

Stating Your Preference 

One aspect of this bigger thing is that it is a neutral field that responds to our preferences. I say preference because I am keenly aware of my limited perspective. I am quite happy to go along with the bigger plan but I have found that humble surrender is not enough. I am called on to express a preference. 
Like a loved one wanting to give me a special day for my birthday, when asked what I would like to do it is not enough to say, “Whatever you would like?”

I don’t think in terms of wants or desires, for me, it is humbly communicating to this neutral field that, all things being equal, this is the future I prefer.

In order for this neutral field to respond to our preferences we have to state them.  If our preferences are not stated then the bigger thing just gets on with its own business.

I have seen in my own experience that clearly stating my preferences works way more often than it should. I am no scientist but if it were random it would only work 50% of the time. What I have found is that when I express a preference, it happens about 90% of the time and that is a lot more than random chance.

World Peace

As I mentioned in previous writing my bigger vision with manifestation is to manifest world peace. 
You too? 
What I have found is I need to master manifesting my own personal reality before I can expand to the greater field of consciousness we all share.

Nitty Gritty

Here is what I do that is really working for me (90% of the time.)

Step 1 – Write a Childlike Essay

I sit down and write out the future I would like. I write it like a child writing an essay. I write it out in whatever way it comes with whatever specifics there are but I am also particular to include how I feel in the future I want.

Here is a little example of what I wrote for a trip I took recently.

“Everything happens with a lot of ease. I check in for my flight in plenty of time. The ground staff are very friendly and helpful. I feel very welcome and supported. I make my way to the gate feeling very relaxed and joyful. The flight goes very smoothly and with a lot of ease.”

Step 2 – Extract the Feeling Words and Focus on Feeling Them Now

I write it all out like a beautiful vision of the future. Then I go back over what I have written and I circle all the words that describe how I feel in that future. Then I make a list of all the feeling words. 

So from my little example above, the list would be – 

  • Ease
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Supported
  • Relaxed
  • Joyful
  • Smooth

Then I put that list somewhere I can see every day. 

In the course of my day whenever I feel those feelings I acknowledge or claim them as evidence that my intention is in the process of happening. This is important and not to be trivialised. More on that later.

Step 3 – Keep Shepherding Thoughts Back to the Desired Future

In the example of my trip, if I find myself planning for catastrophe like, what I am going to do if the flight is delayed, or canceled, or my luggage goes missing, or I forget to bring my passport or the 101 other things my mind might consider very helpful to have contingency plans in place for, I acknowledge my mind is trying to protect me and I gently remind it how powerful it is at creating futures. 

Then I gently shepherd my thoughts away from the future I don’t want and back to the future, I do want.  

Step 4 – Being the Future Version of Ourselves Now 

In the idea of the multiverse, all our possible futures exist all at the same time. So in one of those futures, I am the version of myself where I am living the future I desire. 

“You don’t get what you want, you get who you are.”  

To bring my preferences into being I need to grow into the version of myself that can generate and hold the frequency of the future I want.
Once I am clear on my preferred future I ask myself what would that version of me living in that future do? 
Then I shepherd myself away from doing things that the future version of me wouldn’t do. 

So if the future version of me is decisive, I shepherd myself away from dithering and second-guessing myself. 
If the future version of me is generous, I shepherd myself away from being mean or grasping.
If the future version of me is confident, I shepherd myself away from doubting myself or talking badly about myself.

I ask myself how would that version of me living in that future feel? 
Then I shepherd myself away from feelings that the future version of me wouldn’t be feeling. 
So if the future version of me feels courageous, I shepherd myself away from feeling fearful. 
If the future version of me feels powerful, I shepherd myself away from feeling weak.
If the future version of me feels lucky, I shepherd myself away from feeling pessimistic.

Step 5 – Be Ready to Discover all the Reasons We Are Not Our Future Selves Already.

“You don’t get what you want, you get who you are.”  

Once I get clear on the future I prefer and I begin to cultivate the feeling, and being, of that version of myself, and I start living it now, changes begin to happen within me. As the changes expand I begin to hit up against all the reasons why I am not that future version of myself already. 

For example, if my preference is to be wealthy and I begin to cultivate the feelings of the version of me that is wealthy, and I begin to embody the wealthy version of me, I begin to hit up against all the reasons that have kept the not wealthy version of me in place. 

“What will my friends and family think of me when I leave them all behind financially? 
Or worse still what if they ask me for money? 
What if they ask me for more money than I want to give? Will I say no? 
Will people try and steal my money? 
How can I be wealthy when so many people are suffering from lack of money?”

This is a disturbing part of the process. The tendency is to make these limiting dynamics wrong and try to suppress them. This doesn’t work long term. It is important to acknowledge them, allow them to be, recognise that all futures are possible, and show them that I am steering my little ship toward the future of my preferences.

Step 6 – Keep a look out for Serendipity, Intuition, and Synchrony.

These are the ways the neutral field responds – through seeming chance. It is important to claim these occurrences for what they are and not let my mind diminish them.

This old story is a good example of how it works.

Once upon a time, a great flood was coming to the valley. All the people in the village packed up and left to escape the rising flood waters. 
All except one. 
He said, “I don’t need to leave because my faith is strong and God will save me.”

The waters rose to the first story of his house so he moved to the second story.  Some people came by in a boat and asked if he would like to come with them. He said, “No thank you. I don’t need to leave because my faith is strong and God will save me.”

The waters continued to rise so the man climbed onto the roof of his house. The waters rose further and when he was waist-deep in water a helicopter appeared overhead and threw down a rope for him to climb up. The man called up to the helicopter, “Thank you but I’m okay. I don’t need to your rope because my faith is strong and God will save me.”

The waters continued to rise lifting the man away from his house. He treaded water for as long as he could and just as he was about to sink from exhaustion a log floated by. The man didn’t reach for the log and instead sank beneath the waters and drowned.

When the man got to heaven he was greeted by God. “Where the hell were you?” the man exploded.
“I beg your pardon?” God asked.
“My faith in you was strong. I told everyone you would save me. I was your most loyal believer and you LET ME DROWN!!!”
God placed a calming hand on the man’s shoulder and said, “Chill out man. I tried to save you. I sent you a boat, a helicopter and log and you ignored them all.”

I find my mind can be a bit like that man. It tends to gather evidence that things would have gone the way they did regardless of me expressing my preference for the future. 
This is not helpful. 

When I looked into it I found the reason my mind does this is because it has a feeling that it will have to defend my position at any time with any person so it takes the other side of the debate preemptively. 

I gently remind my mind that this is all just between me and me. No one else needs to know. I can claim the occurrences of fortunate serendipity. I can follow my intuition. I can acknowledge synchronous events for what they are – evidence of my activation of the neutral field in the direction of my preferences, and no one else needs to be the wiser.  Unless it is part of my preferred future to do a TED talk explaining how I manifest my preferred future no one else needs to know what I claim.


When I went on the trip I mentioned above everything went as I intended until the point where I checked my luggage at the airport. 

When I booked my flights there was a very short layover of 80 minutes between my connecting flights. I went ahead with the booking on the understanding that my luggage would be checked through to my final destination and all I would have to do on the day would be to get from one gate to the next.

The journey to the airport was full of ease. ~ Tick.
I checked in for my flight in plenty of time. ~ Tick.
The ground staff were very friendly. ~ Tick.
They very helpfully informed me that they couldn’t check my luggage through to my final destination. ~ Tic . . .What!

This was a shock and not part of my preferred future at all. I explained my situation and my 80-minute window between my flights and getting from one gate to the next in a very busy international airport. 

More ground crew got involved and conferred. The very helpful consensus was that I didn’t have enough time to reclaim my luggage and check it in for the next flight.

This was even more shocking. I was on the first step in a month-long trip I had been preparing for months. 

My intuition was to go ahead so I checked my luggage anyway and took myself to the departure lounge. Once there I found a quiet corner and went through the above process, specifically focusing on how I preferred the flight and the 80-minute layover to go.

My preference was for the first flight to go very smoothly and land ahead of time. Once the plane landed I would have plenty of time to collect my luggage, then walk easily to the bag drop for the next flight, there to be no queues to the bag drop stations, and then I would make my way to the next boarding gate in plenty of time.

And that is exactly what happened. 

I think I was able to do this because I had built up a lot of reference for the process working. 
I considered it a hiccup until proved otherwise.
I view all deviations from my preferred future as hiccups until they prove themselves to be brick walls.

Brick Walls

What if it is a brick wall?

When something does not go the way I preferred it to go I have the humility of a firmicute and surrender to the limitations of my perspective. There are deeper reasons why things happen and I am okay with that. What is significant is how I relate to things not going the way I prefer.

Once I had some success with expressing my preference and seeing it work out way more often than it should, I began to look differently at when it didn’t work out the way I intended. 

Instead of playing all the old hits in my head, “Nothing’s ever works out for me,” or, “I never get what I want,” or the old chesnut, “Life is out to get me,”  when something doesn’t go the way I intended I see it as unusual and significant.  It engages different machinery inside. 

I have a good reference that the field is neutral so there must be a good reason why something hasn’t gone the way I intended. 
I immediately begin to wonder why? I look for significance and when I begin to ask those kinds of questions I begin to get answers.

Lastly, if everything I have shared only works for you 60% of the time you are still way ahead.


Step 1 – Write a Childlike Essay

Step 2 – Extract the Feeling Words and Focus on Feeling Them Now

Step 3 – Keep Shepherding Thoughts Back to the Desired Future

Step 4 – Being the Future Version of Ourselves Now 

Step 5 – Be Ready to Discover all the Reasons We Are Not Our Future Selves Already

Step 6 – Keep a look out for Serendipity, Intuition, and Synchrony

Let me know how you get on with all the above. I would love to hear how you get on.








Photo by Khashayar Kouchpeydeh on Unsplash


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