Love the little children

Love The Little Children

Love the little children that run around inside you
demanding chocolate and ice cream,
cocaine porn and whiskey.

Love the little children who wreck your life with their neediness and obsession, their jealousies and violence.

Love the little children, who are stronger than you like.
Who take over in a flash, gorge on what they want,
and leave you with the carnage. 

Love the little children they are old parts of you,
trauma trapped in the amber of ignorance and neglect, 
stunted in growth, 
and unloved.

Love the little children they are crying in the dark.
Let them come into the light of your love,
sit on your knee and cry and wail
and tell you of their unbearable pain.

Love the little children, bridge the gaps in their hearts.
Be the Mother they didn’t have.
Be the Father they never knew.
Be the safety they have screamed in terror for.
Be the love, they didn’t get.
Be the ear that listens.
Be steady.
Be true.
Be the heart that beats again for them.



Photo by Siarhei Plashchynski on Unsplash


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