Innsbruck Dispatch ~ .a haon

Innsbruck Dispatch ~ .a haon

Have you ever heard of a thing called quantum shifting? It’s brilliant.
It is the idea that there are many versions of our lives all running simultaneously. Some lives are better. Some lives are worse.
Every possible life that you could ever live is happening right now all at the same time.

Have you ever heard of another thing called the Multiverse?
It is the place where all those lives are happening.
Multiple parallel dimensions where every possible version of you exists. The successful you, the famous you, the infamous you, the heroic you, the failed you, the despotic you.

The idea of quantum shifting is that all those lives are like railway tracks running parallel to each other and that we can change tracks, as it were, to switch to a life track that we like a bit more than the one we are in now.

If we want to be a millionaire, for example, the idea is that we already are a millionaire in another parallel life. With quantum shifting, we change track to get onto the track where we already are a millionaire.

Is it real?

I don’t know whether quantum shifting and the multiverse are a real thing, but I like the idea of it. It activates empowering machinery inside me.  Quantum shifting starts from the premise that all versions of you already exist. It says that whatever dream you might have about yourself is not only possible, it already exists. You already are the thing you want to become. It is just a matter of moving into it.

I think we are all doing a bit of quantum shifting in one way or another. If you are interested in growth in consciousness, for example, you are acknowledging that there is more consciousness in you, and you are helping to bring this more conscious version of you into being.

This all sounds lovely and it is.
In practice, however, I have found there is more to it.
In the process of becoming the version of ourselves that we know we have it in us to be, we discover all the reasons that have stopped us from being that version of ourselves to date. We have to grow into it and that growth is not always easy.

Take me for example, towards the end of last year I began to bring a version of me into existence that I haven’t embodied before. It has been quite a journey, but before I get into that, I need to explain a couple of other things.

Did you say Uranus?

Certain things do not do not stay in my head. Miles per gallon for example. It is something men like to ask each other, “What’s the mileage like on your car?” I haven’t a clue and if you told me, two seconds later, I would not be able to remember. It just doesn’t stay in my head.

I am the same with astrology. I like the idea of it. I like hearing about it. I have known people who are very into it and it is lovely listening to them. They know everything about it. They can tell you everything about yourself and what it all means, and ascendants, and houses, and retrogrades and it is all great. I have even had my astrological chart done a few times by these lovely people
. . . and I don’t remember any of it.
Like miles per gallon, it just doesn’t stay in my head. The only thing I remember is that I am a Virgo.
That’s it.

Generator 6/2

Have you ever heard of a thing called human design? It’s brilliant too.
It is a combination of astrology, the I Ching, NASA always seems to get mentioned and science is thrown into the description somewhere too. As you can see, not much of the description stayed in my head either but I heard enough about it to be interested and to get my human design done.

It is a bit like getting your astrological chart done, you need your birthplace and time of birth, and from that, a report is generated. Surprisingly for me, and unlike astrology, a lot of the report has stayed in my head. I can remember a lot about it and one of the things I remember is that if I have a full body “yes,” about something it is an indicator that it is probably the right thing for me to do. This is important to know for the next bit.

Undercover Hermit

For the last four and half years or so I have been going through a deep process to do with love. Specifically finding how to access the love within me that I have spent my life looking for outside me. 

Part of that process has been the reduction of distractions and living a kind of monastic life. I don’t travel anywhere. I live in a remote and wild place and only go to town about once or twice a week. I meditate a lot and continually check in with myself about the whole endeavor, including if not traveling anywhere is still the thing to do.

As we entered into autumn of 2023 I checked in with myself about 2024. 
Would I travel in 2024? Yes.
Definitely. Yes.

Where I would travel to didn’t present itself for another couple of weeks. It happened when I saw an advertisement for ski equipment.
Almost as soon as I saw the ad I had a full-body, “YES.” to skiing.


I have skied in several different places in the past and I discovered that not all places to ski are the same. Some ski destinations have a very resort-like feel to them. It feels like there are only two types of people there, tourists and people that service those tourists. No locals.
These places feel like they only exist for ski tourism and without that they feel as if they wouldn’t exist.
I didn’t find these kinds of places to be my cup of tea.
So when I thought about where I would like to go skiing there was only one place that jumped forward and it did so in the same way the idea of skiing did, with a full body “yes,” and that place was Innsbruck in Austria. 

I have skied in Innsbruck before and what I liked about Innsbruck is that it is a little medieval town surrounded by lots of great places to ski. Skiing is just part of the culture. Any time I have been skiing there I was always impressed by the range of ages whizzing past me on the slopes, from little kids to people in their, 70s and 80s, a lot of whom were locals. They go skiing the same way Australians go surfing. They will go skiing before work, or after work. It is just part of what they do and I really like that.

I also like the fact that, even though Innsbruck was at one time the center of the Hapsburg Empire, it doesn’t have a colonial superpower feel to it the way, London does for example. Innsbruck feels more like a fairytale kingdom type of place to me. I am sure that is not accurate but that is the way it feels.

Running Out of Legs

Skiing is brilliant, the snow, the beautiful scenery, the pine trees, the wind in your face. It feels a little bit like flying, it’s all fantastic which is why it was so disappointing on the second or third day to be halfway down a ski run and run out of legs.  What do I mean by that?  

If you have never been skiing, let me give you an idea of how it affects your legs with this fab little demo. 

  • Get into a crouch position as if you were skiing – make sure your legs are bent. 
  • Then lift one leg so that all your weight is on the other leg. 
  • Then gently lift yourself up and down by about 6 inches with the leg that all your body weight is on.
  • Do that for about 10 minutes. 
  • Then do the same with the other leg.
  • Repeat the process until your legs turn to jelly and you can hardly walk. 

That is what running out of legs feels like.

I have never gone away skiing for more than seven days at a time. The last time I was skiing was in 2009. Back then I would run out of legs on the second or third day and need a “rest day,” every other day after that. So of the seven days, I only actually skied for 3 and a half days. The other days were for resting. That was 15 years ago when I was 45. Now I am 60.


While I was mulling over how long I could go for, and how many days of actual skiing I would get in, it dawned on me that my working life was transportable. 
I have been so rooted in this wild place where I live that I hadn’t noticed I am actually primed to be a digital nomad, at least for a little while.

A what?
Digital Nomads are people who work online and travel the world at the same time. All they need is a good internet connection and they can work anywhere. They are usually portrayed as being in the twenty to thirty age range with a lot of partying involved, laptops on the beach in exotic places like Bali or Thailand, and so on.

I am not drawn to the digital nomad lifestyle but most of my work is online. The miraculous part of my one-to-one sessions happen in the mystery, but the rest of the session happens on Zoom. 
My writing and podcasts are all online, all of which I can do from Innsbruck. 
I don’t want to become a digital nomad, but I can go away for longer than a week.
I have two dog friends and a cat friend I don’t want to be away from for too long, so I arrived at a month.
I could transport my life to Innsbruck for a month. While I am there I could do all the things that I normally do and on the days that I am not working I could do a spot of skiing just like the locals.
It was all going great.

Quantum Shifting Myself

This is where the squeaky parts of quantum shifting show up and by squeaky I mean uncomfortable.
Here is what I am up against – there is a part of me that thinks skiing is a bit posh. It is certainly not something I was brought up doing. Not even close.

When I was a child going on holiday was a once-a-year thing. Always in the summer in a small caravan with my parents and my five brothers and sisters. We didn’t own the caravan, we rented it for the two weeks of my father’s holidays from his factory job. The caravan was one of many in a caravan park in a seaside town about a three-hour drive from our home in Dublin.
That was our yearly trip away. 
The idea of going for a holiday in another country, in winter no less, was unheard of.

Of course, I am a very different person now from the boy I was then, but that is the thing about quantum shifting, there are reasons we are on the track we are. I would be naïve to ignore my conditioning and pretend it is not one of the reasons that keep me from being a different version of myself, from being that guy.
Which guy?
The guy who goes away for a month skiing.
Hang on! I am not just skiing for a month, I am working too. It is not like I am an aristocrat!
Who is that guy?
Who is the guy who goes skiing for a month on his own?
Who goes skiing for a month on his own when he is 60?
Who goes from living like a hermit to being a digital nomad going skiing for a month on his own when he is 60?
Yes me.
Yes, really.

So this is the quantum shifting challenge I am engaged in, can I be that guy?
Can I call that version of me into being?

continued . . .











Photo by Bharat Patil on Unsplash


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