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Do Be Do Be Do

How to twist making a difference into a frustrated life. 

I was talking to a friend during the week and they told me about a lifelong activist they interviewed who felt like a failure. They had reached millions of people with their message, met heads of state, and other people of influence, yet nothing had changed. They felt like all their work was for nothing. 

This is sad because, in my experience, all their work was for something and the feeling of disappointment comes from mistaking what that something is.

Making A Difference 

“Making a difference,” is an idea that can give us a great sense of meaning and there are heaps of studies showing that a sense of meaning is the main ingredient for a happy life. 

Making a difference is problematic because it has a projected goal built-in, a target, and like all targets it is possible to miss it. Missing a target you are aiming for sucks. Lots of missed targets leads to a lot of disappointment and a miserable life.

Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” He didn’t say, “Make the change you want to see in the world.” There is a big difference between being and doing. 

Being is a state of presence that is instantly achievable. Doing, on the other hand, focuses externally. “This is the change that needs to happen and if it doesn’t happen, I have failed.” 

This is a shame because, as far as I can see, just waking up in the morning makes a difference. You could live on a desert island and never speak to another person and you would still make a difference. 

We Are Not What We Seem

We are fragile. 
Our mind and personality are fragile, or put another way, are not as solid as we think.
We know this.
It is how we can go to sleep at night.
We trot off to bed knowing that for many hours our mind and personality will cease to exist and we are okay with this. We know that our greatest loves, our deepest fears, our most cherished memories, and our most beautiful poetry will all disappear for a couple of hours and it doesn’t bother us in the slightest. The opposite in fact, we look forward to it.
We say we need to rest. 
What is it we need a rest from? 
Where is it that we think we will be resting?

I work with bodies a lot in my one-to-one work. While our bodies look like solid things, really they are a collection of cells that are constantly changing. Some parts change faster than others but seven years from now your entire body will be comprised of cells that currently don’t exist.

So my focus in my one-to-one work is on what holds the cells together in the shape of a body in the first place, and then deeper than that, what holds the atoms together in this particular configuration. 

What I have found so far is that the atoms of our bodies are held together for the single purpose of our being in existence. What we call our body is a very sophisticated apparatus for creating the experience of existence.

It is the same with our mind and personality. They are not as solid as they appear either. They too are held together for a single purpose – consciousness, or more specifically the creation of consciousness. 

Here But Not Here

Our experience of existence is a bit like our experience of the internet. Our mind can express itself in the internet but that doesn’t mean our mind exists in the internet.

It is the same with consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t exist in existence. It may expresses itself in the experience of existence, but it exists somewhere else, somewhere like the place we go to in deep dreamless sleep. 

Existence has its rules and features. There is lots of duality and linear time, things accumulate, and things add up to something. 

Outside existence is different. Every new little bit of consciousness is a cause for celebration and matters in its own right. It is its own fulfillment. There is no end goal with it. It is not a preparation for something else.  It doesn’t lead anywhere or add up to something. There is no ascension, no place to aspire to, or state to achieve.

This is why Gandhi‘s idea is so beautiful. Being the change you want to see in the world is instantly achievable. Every new little bit of consciousness is a win. In the game of life, you have won already. 

Now just in case you think you are not conscious enough yet, it is my observation that we grow in consciousness whether we are conscious of growing in consciousness or not.

So I suggest you do what you are moved to do knowing that the essence of your experience, which is consciousness, is what makes a difference.  




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  1. Beautifully Said John ❣️

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