Dealing with the Psychic World Training

Dealing with the Psychic World Training

Understand and navigate the psychic world without getting distracted.

Angels, demons, ascended masters, elementals, hoppers, spirit guides, psychic entities, channeling, possession, and everything else. The psychic world is a vast, wonderful and terrifying place. 

If you are struggling to know what is genuine and what to trust, this training gives you a simple framework to navigate the psychic world.
How the psychic world works,
how to deal with it,
and how to not get distracted by it.

This training is over two weeks and begins on Wednesday 31st of May with a live zoom call. This will be followed up the next Wednesday with a session answering questions arising from the material.

If you can’t attend the live calls they will be recorded and can be accessed later.

The training is in two parts. The first part is a live zoom call with the instruction and training.

The second part is a call where I answer questions on the instruction material and training.

The first part will be at 5pm, Irish time, on Wednesday the 31st of May and then the same time again on the following Wednesday the 7th of June.

Cost €87

When you make payment you will receive an email with the access code to the training page. If you don’t receive the email within 24hrs please get in touch.






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