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Navigating the Psychic World Training

Understand and navigate the psychic world without getting distracted.

As your expansion in consciousness gathers momentum you begin to churn through the layers of meaning.  What were profound truths last month now feel superficial.
You get more and more hungry for the deepest truth. 

When you encounter psychic experiences it is easy to get carried away by whatever it is that grabs the attention – your higher self, your spirit guides, angels, demons, channeled entities, ascended masters, astral travel.

Add to that the fact that psychic experiences are more intense and real than day-to-day existence and it is easy to see how we are captivated.

What can be hard to see is that all psychic experiences are held within a bigger container. It is like the internet. There are a lot of wonderful and distracting things in there, social media, share trading apps,  pornography, online communities, banking, dating, real estate, music, videos, and so on. Lots of variety but all held within the container of the internet.

Similarly, all the psychic wonders are contained within their own container. I call it the psychic world and it sits between the waking world of existence and the mystery

We go through the psychic world every night on our way to deep dreamless sleep and the mystery

If we meditate and the focus of our meditation is to go to the mystery then we pass through the psychic world on the way to it too.

The mystery is our source. It is where we come from and where we go to and just like looking forward to bedtime, whether we realise it or not, it is the mystery we are longing to get to.

The mystery is like the love of our life and the psychic world is like our phone on a dinner date with our love.

You could look at your phone for the whole dinner, and be very captivated, you could even learn things, you could communicate with people all around the world, you could listen to music, you could watch a movie, and all the while the love of your life will be sitting patiently on the other side of the table completely available to you, but ignored.

The dinner date with the love of your life is happening right now and is completely accessible to you all the time.

Once you realize this, and you realize that the psychic world is just like your phone, you can no longer interact with it without knowing you are ignoring the love of your life.

As your expansion in consciousness gathers momentum your realise you are getting only partial answers from the psychic world. It slowly dawns on you that the deepest truths and all your answers are in the mystery. 

The question then becomes how to put the phone down.

Navigating the Psychic World Training

Topics I cover on the training

  • Angels, demons, ascended masters, elementals, hoppers, spirit guides, psychic entities, channeling, possession.
  • Consciousness
  • The structure of our body
  • Reconstitution of matter
  • The mechanics of existence
  • Hauntings
  • Psychic World Landmarks

Some of the questions I answer on the training

  • How to tell the difference between a communication from the mystery and a psychic entity whispering in your ear?
  • What to do if you wake up and there is a psychic presence in your bedroom?
  • Can loved ones who have passed on visit us?
  • When I ask a question during meditation, where is the answer coming from?
  • Is there a higher self?
  • Should we not ask our spirit guides for assistance?
  • Are the Akasha records located in the psychic world?

If you are struggling to know what is genuine and what to trust, this training gives you a simple framework to navigate the psychic world.
How the psychic world works,
how to deal with it,
and how to not get distracted by it.

Cost €57

When you make payment you will receive an email with the access code to the training page. If you don’t receive the email within 24hrs please get in touch.


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