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  • Knowing Yourself

    Knowing Yourself

    The other day, while repotting some orchids, I suspended my prejudice and listened to a shaman who said the whole point of existence is for the universe to ask it’s big question, “Who am I?” — that all the different lives, yours and mine, with all our varied experiences are fragments of this great self […]

  • Are you having any fun?

    Are you having any fun?

    It always amazes me how heavy I can make fun. Like fun is the least valuable thing in existence. Fun is the afterthought – the bonus.Fun is the cherry on the cake that you only get to eat if you have done all your chores, been responsible, been an adult, paid your dues, and your taxes –…

  • Go deeper – an invitation.

    Go deeper – an invitation.

    You are very sensitive to other people. Wonderful – go deeper.You are very intuitive.  Lovely – go deeper.You resonate with the tarot and use it for everything. Great – go deeper.You are in touch with the other side.  Fantastic – go deeper. You resonate with astrology and use it all the time.  Excellent – go deeper. You remember…

  • The Journey to Distance.

    The Journey to Distance.

    A couple of months ago I was helping a man in Australia with tinnitus and chronic sensitivity to radiation.  The tinnitus, which is a continual ringing in the ears, was nearly driving him insane, and the chronic radiation sensitivity meant he had to live in the middle of the countryside away from Wi-Fi and cell…

  • I can’t Tango

    I can’t Tango

    I have always been sensitive to people. What started as a natural ability became a heightened coping mechanism and eventually developed into a profession. “I treated people who had been abused, physically, mentally and spiritually.  People who were in cults, raped, beaten, tortured as children.  People who weren’t wanted as babies.  People possessed.  People who had done terrible…

  • The Silence of St Brigid’s day.

    The Silence of St Brigid’s day.

    An unusual silence covers the morning.The humans are not stirring.No alarms and no commutes.Even the phones are put aside to favor a second sleep.The trees hold their breath.The birds shuffle on the branch confused.Without a word the crow lets them know the score.Incredulous, they mouth, “What, another public holiday? Bríg smiles —- enjoying the benediction of…

  • Death is stalking me

    Death is stalking me

    I read the Carlos Castaneda books in the late 80’s. Interesting and wild and different. A refreshing break from the Indian gurus and Zen masters I was inhaling at the time. The same dynamic of master and student but coming out of a wildly different culture. Carlos was the student and Don Juan was his master.  There was…