All I want for Christmas is world peace

All I want for Christmas 

World peace is an inside job.
~ Inside you and Inside me.

When I was five, world peace was the sort of thing Miss World contestants trotted out given just one wish for the world. I wished for world peace too but just to myself, even at that age, it felt like a naive and ridiculous dream. 

‘Tis the season 

This time of the year the notion of world peace is all around. The songs are thick with it. Paul McCartney warbling about the pipes of peace. John Lennon imagining. Johnny Mathis pinning all his hopes on the birth of a child. Bob Geldof wondering if they still know it’s Christmas.

The holy land

At the seat of Christmas, the birth of it all, the place that was referred to as the holy land in hushed tones when I was a child, is currently bulldozing people into the ground in an open meat grinder that we all have front row seats to and seem powerless to stop.

All the usual avenues for change are having no effect. The marches, the petitions, the relentless social media coverage – nothing. Instead, we have posturing, lies, misrepresentations, lethal PR, coverups, and replay trauma from the relentless exposure to human carnage and suffering.
And that is just the holy land!
All the land is holy.
World peace is for the whole world.

What can I do?
What can you do?

March, protest, strike, post on social media and do all the things you are moved to do, and while you do all that give as much, if not more attention to finding world peace in your inner world as well.

I know that might sound like a very small and ineffectual thing to do in the face of such a big task, but I can assure you it is far from ineffectual.
Don’t take my word for it. Try it and see what happens. 
You will discover that as you find peace in your inner world, your outer world will begin to reflect it. 

Make it your mission to get to the source of all your conflict inside.
Get to the source of your hatred, your pettiness, your jealousy, your envy, your snapping.
Get to the source of everything you wished you hadn’t said or done.
Get to the source of all your regrets.
Get to the source of your addictions.
Deal with all your demons. 

Personal World Peace

You might wonder how is that going to stop people from pulling the trigger.

I have come to realize that world peace is not a global phenomenon.
It is personal.
It starts with me making inner world peace the focus of my life.
It starts with me.
Me first.
No looking outside. 
No pointing the finger. 
Me first.

The ‘me’ is also you.
You don’t refer to yourself as you, do you?
You refer to you as me.
So when I write, “World peace starts with me.” I am hearing you say those words.
It starts with me. 
Me first.
World peace starts with my inner world peace first.

Cascade of Consciousness

Focusing on inner world peace increases consciousness.
As enough me’s focus on inner world peace, consciousness increases to the point where it cascades.
This is not new. We had a cascade a few years ago that caused the worldwide lockdowns, something that seemed impossible until it happened. It was a cascade of contraction, but a cascade nonetheless.
Now we know it is possible.
Now we know we can pivot very quickly.
We can pivot together.
As enough me’s focus on inner world peace, we can have a cascade of worldwide expansion in consciousness.

Eventually, that cascade of inner peace will reach the me that has their finger on a trigger, and when that happens that me will take their finger off the trigger and put the weapon down.

The biggest gift you can give the world and yourself this year,
and for every year hereafter,
is to find your inner world peace.
That is all I want for Christmas
for me
and for you.







Photos by Jr Korpa and Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash


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