a little note on post-holiday inertia

A little note on post-holiday inertia 

Hustle culture kicking your ass before you’re even over Christmas

It turns out that older people use the camera on their phones not to take selfies but to take pictures of the labels on foodstuffs so they can zoom in and read the ingredients. 

If you are waiting for yourself to get on with all the awesomeness you planned but haven’t started doing yet allow me to zoom in on the label for this time of year for you.
Here is what it says.

Nurture-ition Facts 

It is very easy at this time of year to have the disquieting feeling that you should have done more already.
This is very understandable but not actually true. What you are picking up on is the collective expectation that things will change simply because it is a new year.

It is a variation on the pause that occurs before action is taken. Someone slips and falls 30 feet from you in the shopping mall. There are lots of people around. Lots of people closer to the person who has fallen. You feel any second now someone will help them. 

It is the same as that, but on a large scale, we are all waiting for someone else to do something, to start the glorious new year.


To understand why you haven’t sprung into action yet take a moment to acknowledge that you haven’t got over Christmas yet. It was a lot! You did a lot!
All the people you saw! All the food you ate! The parties! The booze! The fun!
It was a lot and you haven’t recovered yet.
It is as simple as that.
It is that feeling of lying in bed knowing it is time to get up, or very close to time to get up, or maybe a little bit after time to get up, and knowing all the things that you want to do, and are excited to do, and will love to have done, and yet you still find yourself in bed.
It is a bit like that, but just spread out across days. 
It is the feeling that any minute now the New Year is going start and the amazing stuff will get done.
Any minute now.”

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of ease.
You are recovering, acknowledge it.  Be at peace with the realisation that you are not Superman/Superwoman. You are just you and that is plenty. Sometimes you need to recover.
Know that when you do recover what you do will be epic.






Photo by Kinga Howard on Unsplash


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