a friendly reminder

A friendly reminder

Using the power of story to live happily ever after.

In case you forgot, behind reality there is a greater reality that we return to every night in deep dreamless sleep. We strobe back and forth on remembering this. We know it, then we don’t know it, then we know it again. 

In the moments when we know it there is a tendency to think of reality as an illusion and use that knowledge to trivialize it,
“It’s not real man.”
“This 3D world is so last year. 5D is the place to be.” 

These are unconscious attempts to disassociate from reality because it is too, well . . . hard. This is unfortunate and a lost opportunity.

For real

Make no mistake, reality is real, very real. What is required of us now is to face that reality while simultaneously gaining a direct experience of the greater reality that is behind it. 
To get the most out of our time here we need to hold both these perspectives. 

Reality is like a virtual reality environment that is customized and tailored to each user. 
Your environment is tailored to you.
My environment is tailored to me. 
I tailored my environment. 
You tailored yours.
The greater reality behind the virtual environment is like the software that powers it. 

The place of story

We all love a good story. The story we are fascinated with the most is the story of our own life. This is true even if we don’t like our life.
All good stories have dynamic tension. Goodies and Baddies. Reversals of fortune. Breathtaking escapes.

Claiming choice

When looking at world events it is easy to get distressed and concerned and to feel like the future is bleak.

As each new development unfolds we are faced with a continual choice.
A choice that is easy to miss. 
Will we focus on unconsciousness, our own and other people’s, and the unhappy future that will come from it?
Or will we focus on our consciousness, what is in our hearts, and the happy ending we would like?
Will we succumb to the fear and despair or will we elevate our vibration to love, kindness, and the fundamental goodness in people?

Not Practical

Part of succumbing to the fear and despair is feeling powerless and like there is nothing we can do.

Yes, there are things we can do in reality like writing letters, going on protest marches, acts of kindness, voting with our vote, voting with our dollar, and all of that is great

But the deeper power is what goes on out of reality, our thoughts, and our feelings. These are things we can influence directly, and the more we influence them, the more we can change our story, and the story of the world. It starts with remembering that we are the author of our story.

The co-mingling of stories

If I had been born in the time of my great-great grandparents my story wouldn’t have been that compelling because compared to now not a lot would have changed in the course of my life.

Like you, I have been born in a very compelling time. Just think about the number of times you have heard the word unprecedented used to describe current events in recent years.

This is not just any old story, we have co-created a story where the pantomime villains are writ large and scary.  We are currently at the part of the story where it looks like all hope is lost and saving the day seems impossible.

That moment of dynamic tension in any story is always the most enjoyable. The not knowing is the best part.
“How is it going to work out?”
“What’s going to happen?”
“How are they going to get out of this jam?”

Author Authority

Knowing you are the author of your story is the beginning of being able to help steer the story in the direction you want it to go.

Our stories interact and influence each other.
Your story matters. Your story has an effect.

Steering your story in the direction you want it to go requires vigilance, perseverance, and grit. It starts with claiming authority of your story. 

It is no accident that the words authority and author share the same root.

Take charge

Decide on the future you want, the happy ending, the happily ever after, then make it your mission to focus on that ending and continually steer your thoughts back to it.

Anytime you find yourself collecting evidence for the future you don’t want, gently steer your thoughts back to the future you do want and look for evidence of that future instead.

In the beginning, it may seem like there is no evidence but if you persist you will begin to see it, in yourself, in your environment, in other people.

Eventually, you will even be able to see it in mainstream media. In any reported story look deeper, both in the story and yourself. Let go of labels and look at actions. Things are often the opposite of what they are portrayed as. 

Gather evidence

Make it your focus to gather evidence of what you want and stick with it no matter what. It sounds like a simple thing to do and it is. The tricky part is remembering to do it, particularly at the beginning.
Stick with it.
You can change your reality and in so doing change the world.
We are all counting on you and cheering you on.





Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


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  1. Somehow you manage to put large amorphous concepts into clear language that transforms the readers! Thank you!✨💫

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