Further Emergence with John Dalton

John Dalton

Soul work to reclaim the poetry of your life. 

“What’s it all about?” – “I’m searching for something I can’t put into words, something real.” – “There has to be more to life than this.” – “There are so many different voices all saying, ‘This is the way’, yet none of them ring one hundred percent true.” – “I am in pain and I want it to stop.” – “I am disturbed by unseen forces.”

If this is you, great. 

(If not, that’s great too. I am probably not the person for you. Somewhere there is the right person for you and I wish you the best on your quest.)

It was certainly me back in the early 90’s. Searching without really knowing what I was looking for. I just had an uneasy sense of dislocation, but from what I couldn’t say.

Back then I would have loved to find someone who ‘got it’,
someone who got what was going on for me.
Back then I would have loved to have found someone like me now.
Someone who was living with extraordinary knowledge in an ordinary way. Someone who openly admitted they were enlightened.
Someone who I could ask every question to.
So that is me and that is the reason I am here.
I am here for you.

The time of the spiritual teacher, the guru, the master, that time is over.
Both you and I know that the only person who can answer your fundamental questions is you.
You know that or you wouldn’t be here.
Think of me as your spiritual friend.
A reassuring companion as we both journey home. 
I have learned a lot about the distractions along the way, the mirages, the obstacles, the dead ends, the deserts, the swamps, and the pitfalls.

I am happy to share my experience with you. To travel along with you.  To encourage and support you and be a reassuring presence on the way to, and in, the mystery.

Practically I do that in a number of ways.

  • I have written four books dealing with health and disease, consciousness, reality, existence, and love. 
  • I meditate throughout the day and have found it to be the most helpful thing I can do to help my growing consciousness. During the lockdowns I did a live 15 minute meditation everyday on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I recorded many of these meditations and they are available on YouTube
  • I meet with you one to one online. Again, these are not for everyone but if you need specific feedback and support for your particular situation then the one to one sessions are very powerful. 

These words I have written, while from my heart, are really for your mind to have something to do while a deeper part of you connects with me, seeing if I am the person for you and if so what to do next?

Yours in friendship and kindness,